Working Papers

Diskussionspapiere unserer wissenschaftlichen Mitarbeiter, ausschließlich online verfügbar:

Back to the Future – Changing Job Profiles in the Digital Age
Working Paper No. 13
Hanno Lorenz, Fabian Stephany (2018)
Wage Differences Between Immigrants and Natives in Austria: The Role of Literacy Skills
Working Paper No. 12
Michael Christl, Monika Köppl-Turyna, Phillipp Gnan (2017)
Drivers of public sector growth in Imperial Austria 1870-1913
Working Paper No. 11
Monika Köppl-Turyna (2017)
Growth of public consumption in Austria: testing Wagner’s law and Baumol’s cost disease
Working Paper No. 10
Monika Köppl-Turyna, Dénes Kucsera, Reinhard Neck (Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt) (2017)
Bonds and Bridges, and Between: An Empirical Analysis of Group-Based Trust
Working Paper No. 09
Fabian Braeseman, Fabian Stephany (2017)
Returns to Skills or Returns to Tasks? A Comment on Hanushek et al. (2015)
Working Paper No. 08 (auch veröffentlicht als: GLO Discussion Paper, No. 89)
Michael Christl, Monika Köppl-Turyna (2017)
United in Diversity? An Empirical Investigation on Europe’s Regional Social Capital
Working Paper No. 07
Fabian Braeseman, Fabian Stephany (2017)
Disentangling fiscal effects of local constitutions
Working Paper No. 06
Jarosław Kantorowicz, Monika Köppl-Turyna (2017)
Gender wage gap and the role of skills: evidence from PIAAC dataset
Working Paper No. 05 (auch veröffentlicht als: GLO Discussion Paper, No. 63)
Michael Christl, Monika Köppl-Turyna (2017)
Tax competition and the political economy of public employment: a model for Austria
Working Paper No. 04 (auch veröffentlicht in: Empirica. Journal of European Economics)
Michael Christl, Monika Köppl-Turyna (2017)
Public funding of parties and political polarization
Working Paper No. 03
Monika Köppl-Turyna (2017)
Demand-side economics in times of high debt: The case of the European Union
Working Paper No. 02
Monika Köppl-Turyna, Hanno Lorenz (2016)
Actuarial neutrality and financial incentives for early retirement in the Austrian pension system
Working Paper No. 01
Michael Christl, Dénes Kucsera (2016)